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What to Expect

Bryant Chiropractor What To Expect

Welcome to our office!

Expect to be treated differently at Bryant Family Chiropractic. From the way we approach your health to the innovative treatments we provide you can be assured you are getting the best of the best.

The First Visit

The first visit is all about you. We want to sit down with you to discuss your health history and what problems are concerning you. A thorough examination will then be completed, including digital x-rays if they are necessary. The first visit lasts approximately an hour.

The Second Visit

Dr. Reed will discuss the results of your examination. He will go over his recommendations for care so you will know the best way to achieve the results you are looking for. Dependent upon your personalized treatment plan, regular visits are typically shorter in duration.

Patient Portal

Our New Patient Portal allows you to complete patient registration forms in the convenience of your home. To access your individual page, visit the New Patient Portal Website and log in with your patient ID. To receive your unique patient ID, please contact our office.

Your Chiropractic Education

We know there are a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic and that is why we believe in educating our patients about our services. We encourage questions and dialogue as it opens the door to understanding what we do and how we can help people without the use of drugs and surgery.

Come in and talk with Dr. Reed about what’s going on with your health. Contact us a call to schedule your first appointment today!

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