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Reviews for Bryant Family Chiropractic

  • Very comfortable with everyone there. Feeling better after second visit. I would absolutely recommend this place.

    -Debra S.
  • Beyond my expectations! My new Chiropractor and last. :)

    -Sherry M.
  • I never understood what a chiropractor actually did till I needed one, The treatment is detailed to my need. The office reflects warmth..friendly.. knowledgeable.. and caring atmosphere . I’m looking forward to a healthy based relationship.

    -Judy C.
  • I really enjoyed my visit…people were great !!!

    -Amy S.
  • Great bedside manner! Dr. Reed was very professional and informative. His staff is also attentive and helpful!

    -Stephanie R.
  • I feel very hopeful that I will have great results as time progresses. Enjoyed meeting every one. So nice and helpful.

    -Carol S.
  • I was very apprehensive about seeing a chiropractor but this experience totally eased my soul. I felt very well taken care of and am looking forward to my future visits!

    -Pam I.
  • Impressed and I feel great just after the first visit. Glad I found Dr. Reed! Thank you!

    -Melody K.
  • I am thrilled to have found Dr. Reed

    -Renee P.
  • Thank you so much for making me feel so much better. I look forward to my visits. It is so nice to have no aches and pains.

    -Arnold H.
  • Dr.Reed and this practice are excellent. I feel very fortunate that I found this clinic and after a week am feeling improvement. Recommend and give this clinic all the stars in the sky!
    Thank you!

    -Patricia S.
  • I’m very hopeful. My back pain has been life altering. I know Dr. Reed has hard work ahead trying to get me back to a normal functioning person. I know he can do it.

    -Rose H.
  • I was pleased to know that the Dr. Was going to take the time to look at my X-rays and carefully plan my treatment.

    -Shauri J.
  • Very personable and comfortable environment. I look forward to my next visit.

    -Joanne L.
  • Thank you so much for making this as easy as it can be. You guys keep up the great hospitality and communication. You guys are just awesome. I recommend anyone who’s having problems and like myself don’t want drugs to feel better this is the way to go. Thank you to all.

    -Mary T.
  • Very impressive , staff and facility.

    -Joel H.
  • Thanks for your caring attitude and obvious desire to help people get out of pain.

    -Johnna M.

    -Timothy S.
  • Dr Reed and his staff are wonderful!

    -Tina L.
  • I am so glad I came here. I am responding great to the treatments and have cancelled my appointments with the pain clinic. Thank you Dr.Reed and Cheryl.

    -Donna T.
  • Will recommend this to others, excellent diagnosis and treatment, really felt better after adjustments.  

    -Betty T.
  • Great job on helping with all my aches and pains. Staff was very pleasant.

    -Michael H.
  • I really enjoyed Dr. Reed and the staff. He was very good at explaining to me exactly what was going on with me and what the treatment plan would consist of. All of the staff was very friendly and patient

    -Paula W.
  • Very satisfied with everything. Excellent place and excellent quality of help and care.

    -Benjamin B.
  • It was a great experience and I’ve already told people that Dr. Reed is the one to go to.

    -Jane S.
  • Friendly staff, excellent communication, easy to make appointments.

    -Terry A.
  • I am very pleased with you and your staff. You always did help me. Thank you very much!

    -Mary Ann S.
  • Had improvement On my first visit!

    -Linda D.
  • Dr. Reed and his staff are exceptional. I felt like he really understood my symptoms and my discomfort. I left there feeling better. I will be back. I would highly recommend Dr. Reed to anyone for chiropractic care. Thanks guys.

    -Delpha P.
  • It was a wonderful first visit and I would highly recommend the clinic!

    -Kathryn C.
  • Dr Reed, you and your staff are some of the nicest people that I have ever met. Not only is everyone professional, you all are so down to earth and easy to talk too. Getting an appointment was easy and quick. I am so glad I found you and thank you so much for you caring.

    -Becky W.
  • Great clinic and staff! Highly recommend!

    -James W.
  • Thank you so much for seeing me today! I feel better about this appointment then I did at my pcp and the ortho doc. Thank you again!

    -Amelia H.
  • Nice staff; friendly setting, but professional. Quick to get an appointment scheduled.

    -Ange H.
  • Amazing technology, the best x-rays of my back I’ve ever had.

    -Amy D.
  • Dr. Reed was very thorough and took time to explain all the results of exam and xrays and treatments.

    -Laurie P.
  • It is a very professional and compassionate office

    -Sheila G.
  • I really was not sure if this would really help my lower back problem, but after days of hurting and several aspirin I was willing to try. What an amazing feeling to get out of my chair without having to use my arms to assist with the painful event. I would suggest this to anyone with lower back issues. Two thumbs up!

    -Bret B.


Very Thorough

Dr. Reed was VERY thorough in describing what he was going to do and why. Very cutting edge technology and the whole staff was very encouraging and confident which gave me a feeling of confidence that I would be better in no time. Thank You Dr. Reed and staff.

– Todd U.

Excellent Experience

This was an excellent experience. I’m really pleased with the whole visit. Everyone was very professional and yet very personable. I’m from Texas but hoping to keep coming to Bryant Family Chiropractic. Excellent care and treatment.

– Rebekah P.

Impressed and Confident

Dr. Reed and staff were great! I was very impressed with my therapy after my first visit and felt so much better. I have been a long time migraine suffer and look forward to feeling better. Medications have not helped much and I have reached the point of feeling like I was going to have to live with some amount of pain daily. I feel confident with Dr. Reed and the technology in his office, I will not be limited by a life of migraines forever.

– Tonya S.

Seeing A Lot of Improvement

I am seeing a lot of improvement in a short period of time. I was skeptical about chiropractic medicine because of a previous bad experience many years ago from a chiropractor in Little Rock. Things have changed tremendously in the world of chiropractic medicine and I am seeing a lot of improvement for my back and neck pain.

– Piper K.

Wonderful Experience

Great first experience. Baby John and I will definitely be returning and telling our family and friends about our wonderful experience at your practice.

– Victoria D.

Advanced Technique and Level Of Care

I felt SO much better when I left there, and sleep better that night. Woke up the following morning with NO PAIN in my lower back/right hip as I have for over a year now. I absolutely believe in this type of care and this new chiropractor and staff I am now going to. Will continue my chiropractic care with Dr. Reed and his staff. His technique and level of knowledge and care seem so much more advanced than that I have been receiving from other chiropractors.

– Kendrick S.


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