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Reviews for Bryant Family Chiropractic

  • Very receptive. Extremely professional and helped immensely. The technology and treatment are cutting edge. So glad I came here!!

    -Jessica C.
  • Everyone was very welcoming. I liked that everything was explained in terms that I could understand that involved my problems. My first experience went great!

    -Amber D.
  • The office staff and doctor were great. I highly recommend this practice!

    -Tommy K.
  • I am very impressed with the doctor and the entire staff! They are friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I am confident that they can help me & I’m thankful that I found this practice.

    -Tina D.
  • Very good equipment and a clean environment. The doctor is very knowledgeable and polite. I am so happy. I can share my friends and family too in the future.

    -Mimi C.
  • The office staff was fantastic and seem to care about what I had going on and Dr. Reed was wonderful and knew exactly what to do to make me start feeling better.

    -Eddie S.
  • So happy to have been referred to Bryant Family Chiropractic! I could feel improvement after the very first visit and am excited at the thought of improved flexibility and decrease in pain!

    -April B.
  • After two visits….I am moving more fluidly and able to bend over with less pain and not as hesitant to bend at the waist as before. Very helpful in my experience.

    -Don B.
  • The physician and staff were very friendly and knowledgeable.

    -Doris R.
  • Dr. Reed is so knowledgeable and gentle! Wonderful experience!

    -Becky W.
  • Filled with high expectations.

    -Bill M.


My Experience is Excellent

I came away from my first visit feeling like I finally got some help. I felt much better leaving because Dr. Reed actually listens to what my concerns were and that meant so much to me. His staff is excellent, very informative, knowledgeable, understanding, friendly, courteous, and polite. Overall, my experience at Dr. Reed‘s office is excellent. I came home and started calling other friends and relatives and told them about Dr. Reed’s office. I am relieved to know that somebody is actually listening to my concerns about my health! I’m looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you, Dr. Reed and staff, your office is of higher standards, up-to-date, and with modern equipment.

– Janet M.

Feeling Improvement in My First Visit

This was my first chiropractic appointment ever. I am very impressed with Dr Reed and his staff. Everyone was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, informative, professional…and I could go on! I am feeling improvement in my first visit! I will recommend this office to everyone!

– Lisa K.

Exceptional Experience

This was the most informative doctor’s visit I have had in a very long time! Everything was professional and the facility was exceptionally clean. It was a very relaxing atmosphere and when I left there, just after my first visit, I felt extremely confident that Dr. Reed and his staff were going to exceed any and all expectations that I have. I am super excited about my future visits as I have had chronic back pain for some time now and had no idea I would feel this good just after one visit. Thank you Dr. Reed along with Karen and Misti…. super super super!

– Edye C.

Improvement After My Very First Visit

So happy to have been referred to Bryant Family Chiropractic! I could feel improvement after the very first visit and am excited at the thought of improved flexibility and decrease in pain!

– April B.

Two Thumbs Up!

Y’all were awesome. Most Physicians do not really listen to the patient, much less explain anything at all. Dr. Reed went into details on my Xrays and asked if I had questions, he took the time with me to make sure I understood my problems. In some offices, the staff usually just treat people like cattle “move em in, move ‘em out”. Not in Dr. Reed’s office. Everyone smiled, greeted me and really seemed to enjoy their jobs. I really appreciated these health care professionals. Definitely 2 thumbs up!!!!

– Marsha R.

Kind, Compassionate & Helpful!

I had a wonderful experience and I am happy that I’ve found someone who will listen to me and give me hope. I’ve been in pain for five years and I feel that Dr. Reed and his staff want to help me. Thank you for being kind, compassionate, and helpful.

– Angela S.

Great place.

I feel like I’m finally getting the help I needed. The staff and doctor were extremely friendly and made me feel completely comfortable! I highly recommend Bryant Family Chiropractic!

– Ronnie B.

I was blown away!

The staff is so friendly and accommodating, Dr Reed explained everything so thoroughly, and my first treatment was exceptional! My only complaint is with myself for not going sooner. I feel amazing already and know it will only get better. I finally feel like I can get my active life back again.

– Terrie R.

Thank you for making me a believer!

Truthfully, I was skeptical about the method used to do the adjustment. I had used other chiropractic doctors in the past that adjusted you by twisting and smashing you. The instrument Dr. Reed used really worked. Even though I have a ways to go, I could definitely tell it helped after just the first visit. Thank you for making me a believer!

– Cindy C.

Everyone was very kind and welcoming.

They are doing everything to make sure that I will get better by the end of treatment which has me hopeful. I love how the staff makes you feel so welcome and the Dr really listens to what you have to say and are concerned about.

– Cristal E.

I Am Very Impressed With Him And All His Staff

I have been to many chiropractors in the last 40 years. Some I liked and some I did not, however, Dr. Reed is topping my “LIKE” list. I am very impressed with him and all his staff, who are very nice and personable. My granddaughter has been seeing Dr. Reed for about a year and both her little ones, too. So he was highly recommended. I now pass that recommendation on to others too.

-Deborah E.

Very Friendly

All of the staff are very friendly and the facilities are very nice. I am receiving treatment for my Bell’s Palsy, which will take some time to completely go away, but after one adjustment from Dr. Reed my headaches are much better. I am not having to pop ibuprofen every 4 hours just to make it through the day.

– Tim B.

Very Informative

Dr. Reed was very informative on my conditions. He explained every procedure before applying it to me!! His staff were very friendly and explained what they would be doing before they started with their procedures! Looking forward to the next appointment.

– Cheryl J.

Very Thorough

Dr. Reed was VERY thorough in describing what he was going to do and why. Very cutting edge technology and the whole staff was very encouraging and confident which gave me a feeling of confidence that I would be better in no time. Thank You Dr. Reed and staff.

– Todd U.


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