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Atlas Orthogonal Specialist in West Little Rock

Bryant Chiropractor Atlas Orthogonal technique

Atlas Orthogonal is a specialty technique that focuses on the alignment of the head over the neck.

Currently, Dr. Reed is the only chiropractor in the state utilizing the Atlas Orthogonal Technique. After several years in practice Dr. Reed came to the conclusion that the upper cervical area was the most important area in the spine and if adjusted correctly could have profound effects on a person’s overall health. “I love this procedure because you take pre and post x-rays and can see changes immediately”, says Dr. Reed.

How was the technique developed?

Atlas Orthogonal was developed by Dr. Roy Sweat. This technique grew out of some of the other orthogonal models of upper cervical corrective techniques. After years of refinement to both the x-rays analysis and table we have arrived at where we are today. Today we have the ability to make even better spinal corrections with these new advancements which include digital x-ray analysis.

How does this unique method differ from general chiropractic care?

One of the most obvious differences is the gentle, painless way in which An Atlas Orthogonist works. No manipulation (twisting or cracking) is ever employed or needed. The Atlas Orthogonist’s methods require such light touches to the affected area, that patients who may expect a forceful manipulation as part of their treatment, find it hard to believe that anything effective has been accomplished. But, their doubts and fears vanish as quickly as their pain and discomfort.

How much force is used and how is it delivered?

A 1.8 solenoid housed inside the head of the adjusting instrument transmits a mechanical impulse that sends a 6lb percussive sound wave force to the atlas.

How can so little force move the atlas?

The atlas bone only weighs two ounces and yet it is responsible for holding your head upright. By proper table positioning and knowing the exact direction the bone needs to go we can use mechanical leverage to help move it with less force. An example would be using a wheelbarrow to move a load of bricks. Little effort is needed if the bricks are transported via the wheelbarrow because it provides mechanical leverage.

How Long Does an Adjustment Last?

The accuracy of the procedure affords the patient longer lasting effects. Thus, one or two adjustments in many cases are usually all that is needed to get proven results. And while the Atlas can again lose its proper adjustment, for most patients the procedure results in far fewer visits than most other procedures. The end result is that Atlas Orthogonal provides simple, gentle and dramatic results. And that translates into greater relief, better health, fewer office visits and less money spent.

How do I maintain my Atlas Orthogonal spinal correction?

Patients often ask what holds the spine in place once it has been corrected. When the head and neck have been re-placed to their natural position, the body will regain its normal balance and relationship to gravity. This will release tension held by the body due to its compensated stressed position. A relaxed body structure is now more stable and functions more freely. This, along with some specific instructions about body position, movement and a simple routine of therapeutic stretching exercises will allow the correction to hold for weeks, months and sometimes even years.

Are X-Rays necessary?

Yes. It is important that certain X-rays be made. To see is to know, to not see is to guess. An Atlas Orthogonist will never guess about your health. An Atlas Orthogonist has had extensive X-ray training and will never require X-ray studies which are not vital to the diagnosis and treatment of your condition. We also have a laser aligned digital x-ray machine in house.

The Atlas Orthogonal spinal correction…who needs it?

When most people think of chiropractic corrections, they think of neck pain, back pain, or muscle aches. The Atlas Orthogonal Spinal Correction can help your body work better no matter what type of health problem you may have. Our practice is dedicated to correcting the Atlas Subluxation Complex which is a misalignment of the bone structure of the head and neck. This misalignment can block the communication between your brain and body causing pain, stress, and tension. This stress and tension can affect all physical and even mental activity of the body. Many symptoms can be relieved by correction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex. We have had positive results with such conditions as:

Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Migraines and other headaches
Chronic pain or stress
Athletic injuries
Auto accident injuries
Neck and back pain
Herniated discs
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Seizures, including Epileptic
Leg and arm numbness
Sinus problems
Bell’s Palsy
Horner’s Syndrome
Trigeminal Neuralgia

Learn more about the Atlas Orthogonal Technique by watching these informative videos:

If you feel the Atlas Orthogonal Technique or any other of our chiropractic techniques could help you, contact us to schedule your first appointment!

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