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Exercise Therapy at Bryant Family Chiropractic

person working out with therapy bandHere at Bryant Family Chiropractic, we believe in treating the body as a whole. Our fully integrated Functional Movement Exercise Department was carefully designed to incorporate exercise therapy for our patients’ specific needs. Exercise Therapy is the treatment of pain or dysfunction by physical methods such as trigger point tools, stretching, and patterning.

How Exercise Therapy Works

Abnormal alignments of the spinal column can cause other disorders by affecting the nerves, muscles, and organs. We use specialized exercise sequencing for mobility, extensibility, patterning, and movement with weights to graduate a patient to pain free, functional movement. Example exercises include foam rolling, StrongPosture by Dr. Weiniger strategies, stretching, reactive neuromuscular training, and resistance training.

Patient Benefits from Exercise Therapy

Joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness can be symptoms caused by dysfunction and injuries. Exercise therapy may help reduce symptom severity and increase overall quality of life. Not all injuries require surgery, so to prevent further damage, they do need targeted interventions. We prescribe specialized exercises that can strengthen the injured area and help you get back to functional movement.

12-Week Transformation Exercise Program

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We are the only clinic in Arkansas that offers the MoveNow
12-Week Transformation. This method is based on the three pillars of chiropractic health: segment, posture, and movement.

Our program follows the MoveNow program by Dr. Todd Pickman of Meridian, Idaho. Dr. Reed assesses the patient via visualization, instrumentation, static and motion palpation, and x-ray analysis. Our exercise therapist conducts an in-depth Functional Movement Assessment that pinpoints dysfunctional movement patterns. Dr. Reed will then assess the imaging and functional movement assessment together to curate a focused and individualized exercise plan. Our eight dysfunctional focus points include: cervical spine (neck), thoracic spine (mid-back), shoulder, scapular (shoulder blade), core, posterior chain, hip, and squat.

After the initial evaluation, our office schedules an important Report of Findings for the next visit. Qualified patients are then enrolled in the transformation plan and online portal, provided a physical exercise journal and an at home exercise plan.

Exercise journals are important in tracking progress and achieving goals. They explain the online portal, warm-ups, the belt system, movement and progressions, and the fundamentals of various exercises.

Inspired by the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ranking system, our belt system signifies the patient’s increasing level of functional movement. We graduate a patient from static postural changes and dysfunctional patterns to mastery of kettlebell exercises without pain.

Each visit, the patient will receive chiropractic adjustments, specialized therapies, and their exercise session. At each exercise session, their warm-up sequence will be posted on a board, as well as their exercises for the day.

We also offer home mobility kits that include a foam roller, double lacrosse ball, resistance bands, j-cane, and a neck trigger point tool. These medical devices are self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques. They are proven to help relieve soreness, inflammation, and increase range of motion.

Improving your Quality of Life

Our MoveNow 12 Week Transformation was developed to properly diagnose, plan, and execute proper therapy for pain free movement. With this program, we hope to help our patients improve their overall quality of life for long term benefit.

Patient sessions are one to three times per week for twelve weeks. During that time, they will immerse themselves in education and exercise therapy, both in person and digitally.

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