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Vitalleo Supplements Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I take if I’m breastfeeding?

After giving birth and while breastfeeding, the body is in need of critical nutrients. Here’s a good article from the American Pregnancy Association on the importance of vitamins post-natal.

Does it interfere with my medications?

We went with straight-up nutrients and no herbal medicines or manipulative ingredients. Therefore, unless someone has been told to avoid a particular food or nutrient, there’s no contraindications to taking. For those that are concerned, they can ask their doctor – although since doctors have not had any nutritional training, they should have to confirm their opinions with peer reviewed literature from a professional journal.

Why aren’t all the ingredients organic?

Not all ingredients are available in a certified organic form. However, we’ve made sure that we use organic ingredients when it’s most important and available.

Why aren’t we using whole foods?

We do use whole foods. Yet, to get the needed amount of certain nutrients through whole foods would require enormous quantities. Certain vitamins and vitamin forms are not available in any great amount from food. For example, the Vitamin D3, found to be the most important and missing nutrient in people today, has to be pulled from sunlight. It is not abundant in any food, and people require it in very large quantities to get levels up in their system.

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